Lemon Grass Hydrosol

Lemon Grass Hydrosol

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The perfect compliment to face oils, hydrosols add hydration to help moisturizing oils penetrate the skin. 

Nudo hydrosols are special because they've partnered with local Santa Cruz farmers to create them. Using the same copper distilling methods for creating essential oils, the farmers don't extract the essential oil from the distilling process, meaning these hydrosols are a "heavier" water. They contain the essential oils from the plant along with the "flower water" to give your skin the best benefits.

How to use:

  • Spritz your face with the hyrdosol before and after applying your oils. The oils will absorb better thanks to the h20 molecules that help pull the oils into your pores. It's the same benefit of using a cream, without the added emulsifiers and preservatives.
  • Pair hydrosols with the oils in your palm to cover more skin. With oils, a little goes a long way, but when mixed with a few spritzes of hydrosol, the oils go even further.
  • Spritz your face throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and healthy. 


    Lemongrass hydrosol (1 oz.)

    • lemongrass hydrosol (Cymbopogon)^
    • lemon leaf hydrosol (Melissa officinalis)^
    • ^ = grown in Santa Cruz